We were young and not much older than the worlds. Hope and love flooded our hearts and we lived only for the privilege of serving and pleasing the goddess. 

      “The two of you are highly favored by Oya,” the Golden Mother said proudly, standing over my sister, Kya and I, as 

we knelt before her in the sacred halls of our Orisha.      

  “You are both very young, and yet she has been impressed by your loyalty and dedication to her daughters. So much so, that she has entrusted you both with their care as they mature into the fullness of their purpose.” 

      My sister and I held hands, our hearts beating rapidly with excitement as The Golden Mother placed the copper and amethyst crowns of the caregivers upon our heads. 

      “I trust you will not fail her and that you both will continue to be diligent and passionate in your duties to the young dragons, rising to the occasion of faith that she has in you both.”

      Kya and I exchanged exuberant glances, stifling our grins and our pride, before turning our attention back to her.

      “Yes, Golden Mother,” we assured her in unison. “We shall not fail the goddess Oya and we shall remain forever diligent to the care of her dragon daughters for as long as we both live.”

      We spoke from our hearts, committing ourselves wholly to the care of the young ones, dedicating our lives, our souls to the daughters of Oya. 

      At least, I did.


 After the fall, Ibilisi swore to return with an army large enough to rival all that Olorun had at his command. Since then, The Fallen has made it his sole purpose to collect as many soldiers to 

A war is coming. I chose my side when I betrayed my goddess, Oya. There is no going back for me. No begging for forgiveness or explaining how I had become lost in the madness of love. My words would only fall on deaf ears and Oya would torture me for an eternity for my crimes. And so, I obey Ibilisi’s every whim, cave to his desires. After all, I have sacrificed myself to him and my life is forfeit, but for The Fallen. 

      I was given the honor of naming the last born, Eshe.

      I loved her most of all.

      I killed her first.

      But Oya somehow discovered my plan and hid their souls in the forms of humans until the time of their awakening. After thousands of years, the last to be born, the first to die, Eshe’s dragon had finally come forth. 

      Demir is the first-born dragon of Ibilisi’s army, and the only creature in the world capable of rivaling the power of Eshe.

fight for him against the Orisha’s armies as he can find. When he cannot elicit fighters, using mystics and dark magic, he has them made. 

Sisters at war


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